Sinus Surgery Options

Our MENTSA physicians are pleased to offer sinus surgery called a “FESS” (functional endoscopic sinus surgery) as a surgical option for chronic sinus sufferers. It is the traditional method in which sinus surgery is performed. FESS is a safe and effective procedure for chronic sinus patients who have not responded well to medical treatment.

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is a surgical technique that allows the sinus surgeon to go through the nose and open the sinuses for improved ventilation and drainage. This technique allows for careful and precise removal of diseased sinus tissue or the improvement of anatomical problems such removing nasal polyps and improving sinus drainage using special telescopes and small instruments.

Here at MENTSA, we want to get you back to performing your normal daily activities as soon as possible after surgery. Recovery after endoscopic sinus surgery is typically very quick. Patients can typically return to work 5-7 days after surgery and sometimes sooner. There is no packing in the nasal or sinus passages as was used in years passed.

If you have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and have not responded well to antibiotics, nasal steroids, or other medications, you may be a candidate for sinus surgery. If you would like to discuss this procedure further, please contact our office to schedule an appointment to see one of our physicians by calling 601-709-7700. 

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